My path to art was not a traditional one. While always having a general interest in the arts, my professional background is in Environmental studies, more specifically sustainable agriculture. However, after finding myself in a dark place personally some years ago, I began painting as a distraction and release. I found, and continue to experience, that the peaceful moments of focused experimentation with different mediums allows me to connect to a deeper plane of existence, which in turn strengthens my practice and process.

While the environmental concerns of our modern era, specifically those surrounding the conservation of natural lands and urban development, is the surface point of my inspiration, the unifying muse in my work is the unseen dimension of connectivity. One area of this I am quite interested in, is the relationship between humans and nature. This topic transcends another area of interest, human psychology and behavior.

My creative process fluctuates between specifically organized projects and free form spontaneous laying down of materials on the canvas, the latter occurring more regularly. As I reflect on how I work most effectively, I am recognizing my need to for long periods of meditative observation. In these periods ideas flow rapidly through my consciousness, albeit only one or two ultimately manifesting into the physical work. Most recently, I am experimenting with the use of mortar* in many of my pieces. I enjoy this material’s tactile qualities as well as the meaning it is able to convey regarding not only our species’ physical progress, but the human psyche as well. My aim for the work I intend to produce forthcoming is that it will signal what many may consider conflicting emotions. However, it is in the observation, and sitting with these opposing emotions that one is able to relate to the reality of both the tangible and intangible world. A world that is outside, but equally within. In hopes that this will result in the viewer arriving to some form of resolution, temporary or permanent, within themselves.     


*Mortar; a workable paste used to bind building blocks such as stones, bricks, and concrete masonry units, fill and seal the irregular gaps between them, and sometimes add decorative colors or patterns in masonry walls.    



forthcoming - 2019 - Beyond the Concrete, The Abode, Nashville, USA